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  • Predictive Shipping ETA
  • Arrival and Departure Alerts
  • Direct Driver Contact
  • Customer Facing GPS Tracking



Our Vision

To provide the highest level of communication in freight, through connectivity and professional staff that will create everlasting relationships. 


Mission Statement

Communicate and supply as much information as possible to our clients to empower their business.

The Essentials

Knowledge in the Orlando trucking companies

Knowledge is Freedom

 This Orlando trucking company is dedicated to providing you with the most vital metrics in the operation as we keep our finger on the pulse. Delivered in an easy to read comprehensive report form as often as you’d like. 

The Power Explained

With Ameriton Freight you receive automatic shipping updates of delivery start, estimated time of arrivals, and arrival notifications via sms or email so you can focus on what you do best, your business. 

Connectivity, The Way It Should Be

Ameriton Freight of Orlando uses Direct Driver Contact to reduce unnecessary calls that costs shipping companies time and money. Call Ameriton’s drivers and get things done 10x quicker. It’s just that easy and painless. 

Find your product anytime with our gps tracking software. 

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Our friendly professional staff are ready to assist your company any way we can. 

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