5 Ways To Improve Collaboration

Good Freight is a transformative concept designed to uplift the transportation industry by shining a light on the positive stories of success, from startups to household brands. 


In an industry often plagued by shortages, disruptions, and challenges, the narrative can easily become one of fear and uncertainty, fueled by media outlets. Good Freight offers a refreshing alternative: a self-help approach to news that provides actionable insights and practical tips.

Today, we discuss the importance of having a partnership with a seasoned supply chain professional to provide you with the expertise in negotiations as well the relationships established with carriers and other transportation providers. 

The Story


My client was looking to ship marketing material from Gainesville, FL to Colorado Springs, CO, with limited options to secure transportation. Within one email we were able to secure a dedicated truck for his product. After a few short messages for rate negotiations, we saved him $250 on one shipment. One truck per day for a week saves my client $1,250 weekly. 


Logistics is a skill that you must build over time which creates a sense of pride from managing complex tasks, overcoming issues and putting out fires daily. A sense of pride is a must with the nuances of supply chain complexities. The feeling of having everything under control and losing any sense of control causes feelings of shame. 


Tempering an emotion that seems to reinforce weaknesses in leadership can be minimized and addressed with an active pursuit of common objectives by creating a collaborative approach by having your consultant work alongside internal teams. 

5 Ways to Improve collaboration

  • Emphasize Learning and Growth
  • Foster a Collaborative Environment
  • Set Positive Objectives
  •  Be Open to Change
  • Embrace Vulnerability to Growth

Acknowledging your value while respecting the expertise of a consultant is important and should be treated as an addition to your skills to allow for collaboration.


In summary, while shame can have profound effects on individual well-being, the pride of logistics managers in their capabilities can inadvertently create barriers to growth. A balanced approach that values external input while maintaining confidence in internal processes is key to overcoming these challenges.  


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