Good Freight and Staples, Inc.

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Good Freight is a transformative concept designed to uplift the transportation industry by shining a light on the positive stories of success, from startups to household brands. 


In an industry often plagued by shortages, disruptions, and challenges, the narrative can easily become one of fear and uncertainty, fueled by media outlets. Good Freight offers a refreshing alternative: a self-help approach to news that provides actionable insights and practical tips.

Today, we’re going to share a story of resilience and how Staples used Freight Auditing as their strategy to streamline their logistics and reduce costs. 


Founded in 1986, Staples, Inc., a leading office supply retail company, reported annual revenue of $8 billion in 2022. Staples employs over 30,000 people according to LinkedIn and is active in several sectors, including retail, consumer electronics, and e-commerce. 


Being a successful company operating for many decades they found success in conducting a freight audit to streamline their logistics and reduce costs. By implementing a comprehensive freight auditing program, Staples was able to identify billing discrepancies and recover substantial amounts in overpayments.


The auditing process involved meticulous examination of freight invoices, ensuring that charges aligned with the agreed-upon rates and service levels. This approach not only saved Staples money but also improved their overall logistics efficiency and accuracy in billing processes. 


Freight auditing can help you identify overcharges, carrier compliance with contracts, rate negotiations, and more. Collecting your data is the first step to data analysis that will transform your supply chain from a objective perspective. 


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