About Us

At Ameriton Freight, we take pride in being a minority-owned logistics company based in Florida. Our commitment to inclusion, equity, diversity, and belonging is at the heart of everything we do. We understand the profound value of community, fostering self-worth, and nurturing positive relationships. Through our services, we aim to not only excel in the logistics industry but also contribute to a more interconnected and harmonious world.

We are driven by values of Professionalism, Empathy, Reliability, Care and Honesty (PERCH).

Our TMS system removes manually preparing or signing bills of lading and rate confirmation. No more individual check calls to updates customers and collect driver statuses. That’s connectivity!

We are dedicated to providing shippers with the most customized service available to them.

Our team will actively listen to your pain points and develop strategic ways to provide you with the value needed to move your business in high velocity.


Providing the highest level of quality service in the most efficient manner is the cornerstone of our operating philosophy. Through leadership, innovation, and technology, we strive for continuous improvement.
Enhancing our customers’ supply chains by understanding their expectations and developing solutions that exceed them.
Our mission is not to work with every company, but with those that value our partnership
Our approach to problems is direct.

The Team’s Purpose

Our goal is to establish long-term relationships with every company we work with.

Kenneth Carter III


Kenneth is in for the long-haul, literally. He is as dedicated to the freight industry as anyone I have met. Trucking is his background. Being optimistic is his story.


Logistics Coordinator

Muriel is driven by a commitment to learn from every interaction. Her purpose is to not only assist but to excel, evolving with each experience to ensure utmost satisfaction.